Who do you want to be?

Self-confidence is a key ingredient in every success story, and so, naturally, any form of psychotherapy – including hypnosis – largely centres around helping people build self-confidence.

Whether it’s about letting go of  fear and anxiety, whether it’s about reversing an unhelpful (‘bad’)  habit, whether it’s about reframing one’s perspective on a past event, whether it’s simply about building motivation for a future project or whether it’s about enhancing your focus to create success in a chosen activity (professional or leisure, artistic or sports-related),  perhaps a way out of ‘writer’s block’ or a means to improve your sports performance, or whether you wish to enhance your study skills – confidence is the foundation for any of these to happen the way we want them to.

Most of us, if we are completely honest with ourselves, will admit that there are areas where we are not quite as confident as we would like to be, whether it’s about how we see ourselves physically or behaviourally. Our self-image has a great impact on how we actually do look and behave, as our thinking directly affects our posture, our voice, our choice of words and our actions. Although you may function pretty well in everyday life with few if any complaints, you know deep down that you are somehow holding yourself back, avoiding things you wish you could do with ease.  Somehow you think you cannot do them or don’t deserve to do them, blaming either yourself (as you see yourself) or your circumstances for your failure to go ahead and live your dream. Does that sound familiar?

Confidence is the first step towards social effectiveness! Whether you have crippling social anxiety that keeps you from meeting new people, whether you specifically feel anxious about public speaking or about making the first moves at a social gathering or networking event, or whether you used to  be confident but changes in your worklife or private circumstances seem to have put you down, cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy can help you  rebuild your self-esteem and gain greater self-confidence.

What do we work on during sessions? We will identify the areas where you feel you are lacking confidence, paying close attention to the thoughts and  feelings you may be experiencing in a given situation. Typically our work will include deep relaxation and specific situation-targeted desensitisation that, once achieved, will help you become very open to confidence-building hypnotic suggestion.

Ultimately it is all about perception, and you will probably find that, after only a few sessions of this powerful change work, you can once more become the person you used to be. If you have always had low self-esteem, you will probably be surprised at what happens with your self-image once you have made that cognitive shift the therapy is designed to create in you! Once you think confident thoughts and therefore feel confident, you will also find that you act more confidently.