Are you ready to be slim?

Do you find that you frequently overeat? Are you dissatisfied with your body weight? We live in a consumer culture that encourages us to eat what we want, whenever we want, and as much as we want.  Unlike our ancestors, we now live in abundance, and many people overindulge and as a result become overweight. Are you ready for a change?

For many people, the conscious desire to enjoy a healthy body is no match for the destructive unconscious attitudes towards food and weight encouraged by a culture that celebrates incessant self-gratification.  If the conscious and the unconscious mind are in a state of disharmony, internal conflict is the inevitable result. Outward attempts to respect your body and wishing it was slender clash with an inwardly defeatist attitude of self-condemnation and criticism of the body.  Going on a diet is ineffective because that way the body is starved and, once the diet is over, will overcompensate by putting on even more weight than before. The self-denial and the cravings involved make it frustrating rather than rewarding.

Cognitive-behavioural interventions will help us identify your core beliefs about yourself and about food as well as the emotional consequences of these core beliefs, which reinforce the automatic unhelpful behavioural pattern you have developed. We then work together to set specific goals for you and systematically work towards them.

What would it be like to have lost all that weight? With hypnosis we can break this vicious circle by directly accessing your unconscious processes. It will effectively help you install empowering patterns of success that will allow you modify your current eating habits. It acts like a reset button for your self-image – you can internalise what you consciously already know about healthy eating and learn to make a healthy yet satisfying lifestyle your second nature. With a positive self-image it will become easy for you to think, feel and act like a slender person.  You will once again understand the true purpose of eating, and you will find it easy to let go of your current desire for fattening foods as you increase your desire for healthy foods. As you learn to reduce and eventually eliminate emotional eating, binge eating and excessive snacking will become a thing of the past, your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase.

As you begin to see positive changes taking place in your mind and body, your motivation to persist will grow. You will begin to understand that the goal of the therapy is not so much about reaching your ‘ideal’ weight but about establishing a conscious relationship with yourself, taking back the power that you gave away to food and to circumstances. It’s about reclaiming control, about moving from an unconscious automatic existence to proactive conscious living and personal freedom. If you are still not certain about beginning this wonderful process, ask yourself: What are you ‘weighting’ for? What are you avoiding? What things have you put off because of your weight? Try to imagine life at your ideal weight! What new activities will you be able to pursue?  What do you really want?