If you think you might need some help, simply drop me an email via the form below. Once we have exchanged telephone numbers we can have a brief chat via text messages (SMS or WhatsApp) and negotiate a time when we are both available for a proper telephone conversation.  I aim to respond to emails within one day, although at times it can sometimes take a little longer. If you use the contact form, please make sure you spell your email address correctly so I can reach you.


because I am currently relocating.

Thank you for understanding.


Location:  Esch-sur-Alzette
Skype:  tomikolo. Online hypnosis and counselling sessions available worldwide, payable in advance via PayPal (pricing negotiable).  
Languages spoken: English, German, French, Luxembourgish. Ich biete meine Dienste auch auf Deutsch an. Je vous propose mes services aussi en français. Ech bidden Iëch mäin Service och op Lëtzebuergesch un.
Free consultation: Up to 30 minutes on the phone or online.
Fees: Cash donation. I will recommend how much you are to donate,  and we need to reach an agreement on this prior to your sessions. It is worth investing in your well-being. Research has shown that the more you invest the more benefit you will derive from the hypnotic interventions. Conversely, the more you value my service the more effort I put into helping you get what you want out of your sessions.
Cancellation policy: Minimum 24 hours’ notice. 
By appointment only: Please book in advance to avoid disappointment. Smokers who wish to quit must contact me at least a week in advance in order to be able to follow all instructions I will give as this is essential to ensuring success.

My consultation room in Bangkok, 2011. Updated photos of my current consultation room to follow.

Consultations at my office or at your hotel or home. I will send you detailed and easy-to-follow directions upon request, although if you are visiting Luxembourg rather than being a resident it may be easier for me to find you than it is for you to find me.
FREE DOWNLOAD: The  above is a free recording I made for total body relaxation. It will give you an idea as to what hypnosis with me feels like. If this recording relaxes you, you will likely relax even much deeper when you come to see me in person. You can hear certain sound frequencies in the background (7.83-8Hz range). These are designed to deepen your absorption into the experience. The recording works best if you give it your full attention. Under no circumstances should you listen to this recording when participating in traffic or operating heavy machinery. 
OTHER DOWNLOADS: Try this link for access to one of the largest and most effective audio hypnotherapy recordings collections downloadable at affordable prices.